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While the 14k gold price per gram is as high as it’s ever been, there are perhaps now more reasons to invest in gold than ever before.  Gold is not pervasively used in industrial and manufacturing the way silver is.  And it’s not found in massive quantities in your home’s plumbing and your automobile like copper.  The simple fact of the matter is that gold is a plain and simple store of value.  In fact, it is the oldest, purest form of currency.  It’s one of just three items the Wise Men took to baby Jesus.  And it is the very pinnacle of treasured jewelry around the world.  In fact, gold jewelry is as much of a cultural or religious centerpiece in places like India, as it is a means of self-adornment.  For that reason, it’s not surprising to see that demand has not really fallen as the 14k gold price per gram has risen.  And people are pouring into ETF silver and ETF gold products for additional precious metals exposure beyond their core gold holding in bullion and jewelry.

14k Gold Price Per Gram Rising Due To Financial Refuge

It’s no secret that silver, platinum, and palladium are both precious and industrial metals.  Gold stands alone as having far less practical utility, apart from something like jewelry.  Yet, it is the staple of the precious metals thought of when one considers diversifying into “real” money.  Gold is at the top of the list when one looks for a precious metal to store value and protect wealth.  It is the first to come to mind when one thinks about a universal currency that can break through cultural and linguistic boundaries and unify two strangers in a common understanding.

And the 14k gold price per gram is up, year after year, for more than a decade.  I’m unaware of anything that has performed so strongly for so long.  It’s clear that these are not normal times.  Gold is simply displaying its role as a safe harbor for those looking for financial refuge.  This has proven to be a wise decision for those in the United States, as the U.S. Dollar has slipped into the abyss.  The Dollar has fallen against other currencies around the world as well.  And the forecast is not bright.

To be sure, there are examples from history to support these assertions and demonstrate they are not mere theory.  Argentina went through a destruction of their currency not too long ago.  The Peso became essentially worthless while gold held it’s value.  The rest of the world, valuing gold inherently for gold’s sake, wasn’t concerned with the Argentine Peso.  Those who shifted their financial assets into gold were able to dodge that currency collapse.  Argentines who stayed in their native currency were crushed financially.

A well-respected precious metals expert once told the story of refugees in Vietnam who were able to escape because they traded gold for a safe and expeditious exodus.  The Vietnamese currency carried no weight.  But everyone knows gold.  It’s value is intrinsic.  This alone is reason enough to invest in gold.

14k Gold Price Per Gram Should Be Higher Already

You can appreciate the value of gold indirectly by witnessing its attack by the beneficiaries of the fiat currency system.  Those who make a fortune printing money out of thin air and lending it to the rest of the world are not keen on the idea of precious metals radically departing from the asset classes and posting head-turning gains.  That’s why it’s hardly surprising to hear widespread accounts of paper gold being used to suppress prices.

Thus, the rising 14k gold price per gram is yet more impressive if you factor in the forces holding it down.  Despite nefarious use of futures contracts to beat down the price, it’s incredible to see how the gold price has continued to grind higher and higher relentlessly.

14k Gold Price Per Gram Pushed Higher By Government Hoarding

A major force prompting the gold price to rise steadily is the increasing purchasing by national governments.  Central banks are not so much sellers of gold as they have been in the past, but rather banks are becoming net buyers.  On top of that, countries such as China, which has traditionally been heavy on reserves of U.S. Treasuries, are buying gold at a mind-numbing pace.  China actually has a very small proportion of its reserves in gold.  For China to attempt to bring its ratio of gold reserves into parity with other economically powerful nations, that country would have to purchase massive amounts of gold.  The country is already purchasing much of the gold that is available on a large scale worldwide.

As if the governments of India and China buying massive quantities of gold is not enough, the forecast for the 14k gold price per gram to keep rising is strong for yet other reasons.  China, for instance, is actually advising its one billion people to buy precious metals.  While many Americans are still relatively behind others in their appreciation of precious metals, a couple billion people gobbling up gold will push prices much higher.

14k Gold Price Per Gram Could Moonshot With Gold-Backed Currency

Yet another factor pushing the 14k gold price per gram higher has to do with the fear of, and the eventual reality of, debt default.  The sovereign debt crisis is at unprecedented levels.  There are countries, actual nations, that are on the brink of bankruptcy.  Everyone is bailing out everybody else and there’s no end in sight.  Zimbabwe, Greece and Iceland are not isolated incidents.  Other nations will follow suit.  And you also have countries debasing their currencies in a desperate, albeit inelegant, effort to save their economy.

The 14k gold price per gram is rising because gold is unique in its ability to recognize these types of financial problems.  People gradually, and increasingly, flock to gold as the rising problems become clearer.  There’s just a fixed amount of gold in the world.  And yet the various fiat currencies of the world are printed with reckless abandon.  That alone forces the price of gold to appear to rise as it takes more and more of the paper money to acquire gold.  Multiple economically powerful nations are already becoming less and less interested in U.S. Dollars.  However, to the extent that the other national currencies are but mere paper without any inherent value or attributed value through gold backing, one can only wonder what paper money might become the next world reserve currency.  It’s quite possible, as things deteriorate, that some form of gold standard could resume.  If that happens, the 14k gold price per gram today is small relative to what it will be one day.



14k Gold Price Per Gram

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14k Gold Price Per Gram